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Book Wreath

This Monday I was a very busy crafter. Because of that I didn't get quite as much reading done as I normally would, but I was doing something bookish all the same. I got this idea from Living With Lindsay so if you would like to do this craft you should go over to her blog to find out how. Basically it is a foam wreath covered in pages ripped from a book. This took me about three and a half hours. On her blog it says her materials cost $2. Mine were a little more than that. I actually had to buy a glue gun and glue because I didn't have any, that cost me $5. I don't have a Dollar Tree around here so I had to go to Michael's to find the wreath (it was a last resort though, believe me). My foam wreath cost about $5. I already had a book I purchased at a used book store several years ago about the Rothschilds. I never read it and I probably never would have so I didn't feel too bad about ripping it up. So overall the actual wreath cost me $5.

This was really easy to make! Anyone can do it, but watch out for glue gun burns!


Book Wreath {TIME}