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Sunday Salon: Christmas Week
The Sunday

I hope you all a great holiday week! Because of the holidays I'm a little behind on my reading, as I'm sure most of us are. Today I'm planning on finishing The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. I've really been enjoying both books but since The Time Traveler's Wife is a little bit faster to read I've been more eager to read it. I'm actually further in the The Swan Thieves though because I keep thinking I'm further in The Time Traveler's Wife so I read it more. I know that makes no sense.

This week I posted reviews of The White Garden and The Luxe. Both were excellent books that I would recommend to anyone. Check out the reviews if you don't believe me. I also posted some photographs of the book wreath I made. And what would the holidays be without some complaining? Check out my English Major Grievances post here. You can even share some of your grievances here, I love to hear people complain.

I got a lot of books this Christmas, and I'm actually going to do a post about what books I did get most likely tomorrow. I got some book related things though so I figured I would share some of those right now. First of all I got a great calendar from my parents called The Reading Woman. I've actually been eyeing this calendar for months and I was really hoping someone would get if for me. It's just a collection of paintings of women reading. It is a beautiful calendar, the only painting I don't really care for is the last one, Micah Williams' Portrait of a Lady. There's nothing wrong with it it's just really not my taste.

I also got Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury

from my boyfriend. It is a beautiful collection of history and photographs/paintings from Jane Austen's past. There are envelopes throughout the book that hold items you can take out. These are copies of Austen's letters amongst other things. My favorite "treasure" is the collection of drawings from an early edition of Pride and Prejudice. There is also a very long section on the history of the gothic novel in the Nothanger Abbey section. I could not stop looking through this book for the rest of the night. The next thing isn't really book related but I got The Tudors

Seasons 1-3. I've never really watched Tudors before but I started it on Christmas Eve and I am so glad I have these!

Happy Reading!


Sunday Salon: Christmas Week {TIME}