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Bloggiesta: Wrap-Up

Well the Bloggiesta is over and I didn't get everything done, but I'm going to continue working on my blog during this week. I wish I would have had more time to work this weekend, but with everything else going on it just didn't work out. I still spent a lot of time on my blog. Here are my final results

Time Spent on Bloggiesta: 15.25 hours

Mini-Challenges Completed: Emily's Reading Room's Challenge
Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile's Challenge.
Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?'s Challenge
Bookish Ruth Grade Your Blog

Comments left: Was I supposed to keep track of this? I'd guess upwards twenty.

What I liked best: Getting time work solely on my blog without feeling like I should be doing something else, the community that we created and the great blogs that I found! I picked up some great ideas as well and I'm going to have to add them soon.

Things I didn't like: That I didn't have more time!

Happy Blogging!


Bloggiesta: Wrap-Up {weekend}