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Sunday Salon: First Week of Classes
The Sunday

How is it Sunday already? I have finished my first week of second semester now. So far everything is going well, but I know soon the bomb will drop. Amazingly I actually stayed on schedule here this week! I posted reviews of Mansfield Park and The Virgin Queen's Daughter. I also talked about a children's book I love called Superhero ABC. I asked questions about textbooks and talked about what makes me happy for the Happy 101 Award. Overall it was a very productive week blogging!

Reading however... it was fairly productive. It's taking me a very long time to get through Villette by Charlotte Bronte. This is mostly because it takes me an hour to read thirty pages, so usually I only read an hour every night. Still, I should have it done with week. I've posted a few quotes on Smmash, which is my tumblr page. I finished my first romance novel ever! Lessons from a Scarlet Lady by Emma Wildes. I probably won't be reviewing this book, but I might write a post about reading my first romance novel. I started Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzburgh this week and yesterday I started The Woman in White by Wilkie Collings. I also finished Emma Volume Two by Karou Mori this week (which was fabulous).

Well that's it for me this Sunday. Happy reading!


Sunday Salon: First Week of Classes {TIME}