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Weekly Geeks 2010-2 Award Time!

Are you among those anxiously waiting for Monday's announcements?! Which announcements, you say, well ALA's BIG announcements, of course! On Monday, January 18th, we'll learn who has won the Newbery, the Caldecott, the Printz, and the Coretta Scott King awards. Of course, those are just a few of those that will be announced. Do you follow any of these awards? Do you seek these winners out to read?

This week you can do any one of these activities:

  • write a prediction post (before Monday) discussing which books you hope get some love and attention
  • write a follow-up post (after the announcements) discussing your thoughts on who won. Which winning books have you read? Which winning books do you want to read? Where there any surprises or shockers? Are you happy with this year's selections?
  • choose an award (like the Printz and Newbery) and look at the list of previous winners/honors. Which books have you read and enjoyed? Are there any that you hated? Share a few 'favorites' with your readers. (If you haven't read any lately, maybe you might want to write up a post listing a few you'd be interested in reading soon.)
  • review a new-to-you award-winning book this week.
  • if you've got another idea on what to write about that fits in with this general theme, go for it!
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Weekly Geeks 2010-2 Award Time! {Winner}