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Sunday Salon: Valentine's Day Edition
The Sunday

Happy Valentine's Day Blogging World! I hope you all are having good days with your sweethearts, or otherwise having good days appreciating singledom. I personally celebrated Valentine's Day last night. I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and then we watched When Harry Met Sally, which he had never seen before! It's always a good one. I miss good Meg Ryan movies.

So this week I posted a review of The Girl Made of Cool and Love Letters of Great Women. I read everyone Leonardo the Terrible Monster for Children's Book Thursday and talked about my experience reading my first romance novel. Finally yesterday I posted an extremely long Awards post. You should all check out to see if I gave an award to you! I would really appreciate it if the people who have received awards would comment on the post, if you do not comment by Wednesday I will assume you haven't seen it. Then I will comment on those blogs who have not seen the post. Thanks for your help!

This week I finished The Woman in White, Love Letters of Great Women, and The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. I actually did not read all of the Secret History of the Pink Carnation, I pretty much skimmed to the end. You can probably guess what my feelings were about that book based on that, but I will be reviewing it later. I know last Sunday I promised I would have post about literary radio shows and podcasts. I'm still going to do that, most likely this week. Today I will finish The Jungle which is very exciting. The Jungle has been the strangest experience for me. I'm reading it for my American History class and did not think I would enjoy it all. I think that stigma has carried through the whole experience of reading it because I never seem to want to read it. In all honesty though, it's one of my favorite books so far in 2010.

And now I have some exciting bragging to do: I'm going to New York in four weeks for Spring Break! I have never been to New York before so I am super excited about this! If you have been to New York and have someplace I cannot miss please let me know! Especially if it's a must see for a book lover.

Happy reading!

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Sunday Salon: Valentine's Day Edition {TIME}