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The Girl Made of Cool

Alan Fox's The Girl Made of Cool is a love story, or a love triangle you might say. The main love interest is Jayne Holly Wyatt, a smoking hot "catch." She ultimately breaks up two roommates as they both chase her. The first guy is the awkward hopeless romantic Ridley, who is really the guy we're rooting for. The other guy makes the book though, even if he is a super ego player. Chet is the name and lust is the game. His goal is to sleep with 25 women before he turns 25.

Chet is a "teacher," and he hosts his own imaginary show throughout the novel where he lets the audience in on his love tactics. He is a bit crude at times, but hey, he's just being honest. Chet is really the character that lets the format of this book work. Fox wrote this more or less in script form. We have scenes, lots of dialogue, and soliloquies. The story itself might not have been all that creative, we've seen the love triangle many times, but the form really sets this book apart from its competitors.

My main drawback to this book was Jayne Holly Wyatt. I just did not like her, I thought she was a total bitch. And really stupid. I mean, it was obvious Chet was a womanizer. Some of the things she said just made my skin crawl. I'm not sure if this was Fox's intention, but it kind of turned me off. It was hard for me to relate to Ridley because I couldn't see why he was interested in her. But isn't that life? All the good guys go for the stupid girls.

I would like to comment on something I have seen in several other reviews in regards to this book though. A few people have said the dialogue is not realistic. I think that was the point though. The way Fox writes seems more like internal dialogue to me but I thought it was highly enjoyable.

This book earned a C.

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The Girl Made of Cool {TIME}