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Heritage: Skopje museum staff guilty of trafficking artefacts
The former head of FYROM's biggest museum has been found guilty of stealing antiquities from the museum's storage area and sentenced to nearly nine years in prison.

Skopje museum staff guilty of trafficking artefacts
The 'Museum of Macedonia' in central Skopje 
[Credit: WikiCommons]

A court in the capital Skopje convicted another six people Friday, including two more former museum officials, over the theft of 160 artefacts that was reported in November 2013.

At the time, police had said that the antiquities, which date from the 4th century AD and include gold and silver jewelry, were believed to have been sold abroad by an organized crime ring. The artefacts have not been located.

The theft from the 'Museum of Macedonia' in central Skopje occurred between November 2011 and October 2013.

All seven defendants denied wrongdoing, and appealed their convictions.

Source: The Associated Press [March 20, 2015]