Merry Wanderer of the Night + [release]

Awesome Wanderlove video from Kirsten Hubbard!!

I know I've been a lame blogger lately, so I apologize for that, but I'm super excited to have this video from author Kirsten Hubbard to share with everyone in honor of the release of her new novel, Wanderlove. Guys, you really need to read what this lady has to write because she pretty much rocks my face.:)

ALSO — There is a giveaway going on at YA Highway right now to celebrate Wanderlove!! You should definitely go check it out!

So — Here is this awesome video from Kirsten! Hope you enjoy!!

In Kirsten's words:

Wanderlove starts with Bria sitting on an airplane to Central America. I was a little nervous about beginning the book there, but the more I wrote and revised, the more I knew it was the right place. The flight between home and Elsewhere is always transformative — especially when your seatmate is a colorful character.

I have a love/hate relationship with airports and planes. I like leisurely layovers. I still get freaked out during landing and take-off, especially that moment about thirty seconds in when something mechanical shifts and your stomach drops. I love that final fifteen minutes, when homes and cities come into focus during descent. I despise customs, especially when reentering the United States — those lines can be insane. Worst of all — but also best of all — is that moment when I'm done with customs, I've collected my backpack, I step outside the airport, and am suddenly accosted by taxi drivers! sounds! smells! Spanish! Cultureshock. Game face on. Let's go.


Awesome Wanderlove video from Kirsten Hubbard!! {release}