Merry Wanderer of the Night  + [Winner]


The always phenomenal folks at Walden Pond Press pretty much rock my face. And today, they have offered up this giveaway of insanely awesome win!

Because they love fairy tales as much as we do, they are offering up a fairy tale trio to one lucky winner.

That one winner will receive a hardcover copy with a signed bookplate of:

(Click to read an excerpt and get
a sneak peek at the fabulous illustrations.
and click again to read Christopher's guest
post on humor in fairy tales!)

(in my blog to be taken to Goodreads. I haven't read this one, but I'm dying to.)


(Click for my review. And then click again for an excerpt of this one too!)

TO ENTER: Leave me a comment with what you think is the funniest moment in fairy tales (morbidly funny works for me...)
Also — make sure you've filled out the FTF Giveaway form! (And check out Misty's blog too! I told you, the folks at Walden are made of win! They are offering this same prize pack to a winner from Misty's blog too!)

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