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Little Red Riding Hood Video

We wanted to cap off Fairy Tale Fortnight with something we believe to be pretty awesome. We've been talking for the last two weeks (and for the last few months, to each other) about how fairy tales are such an ingrained part of society, and everybody knows them and the references. And fairy tales are really meant to be read aloud — so wouldn't it be awesome if we got a bunch of people together to read a fairy tale as a sort of "collaborative bedtime story"...

So we did.

This video would not have been possible without the awesome support and creativity of so many great bloggers and authors (and 1 adorably enthusiastic little girl). We want to give you guys a BIG thank you and the best Happily Ever After we can.

We ♥ you!
Alright, grab some popcorn, pull your kid into your lap (unless you don't have a kid, or your kid is a teenager. That would just be weird)... It's time for the unveiling of:

Little Red Riding
Hood: a
Collaborative Bedtime Story

thanks to the following people:
Donna Jo Napoli Jaclyn Dolamore Zoe Marriott

Bloggers: Angelique @ Vampires
and Tofu Erika
@ One A Day Y.A. Project Farrah @ I Eat Words
Jayme @ Horribly Bookish
Jen @ Lost in the Library Liz @ Consumed By Books
Lynn Marie @ Bringing
the Epic
NoraBell @ The Bookery Sara @ Books Your
Kids Will Love
and an awesome kid named Katelin!


Little Red Riding Hood Video {TIME}