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Author Interview — Leslie Dubois + Giveaway

Today I have Leslie Dubois joining me, author of the new novel, The Queen Bee of Bridgeton. She's joined us for an interview today, but the interview is a bit different than normal. Rather than answering the questions on her own, all of her answers are direct quotes from the books! It makes for some interesting responses and has definitely made me want to move this book a little higher up the tbr pile! ___________________________________________________

Why dance?

“For me, dancing is like an elegant stream of life-giving water. It nourishes my soul. Without it, I’d shrivel up and die.”

What can we expect to see from you next? Farther in the future?

“In a few days, I’m gonna be a fat flower expert.”

Which character in Queen Bee do you most relate to, or find comes more heavily from your own experiences? Why that character?

“Because I didn’t know the slang or the words to the latest rap song apparently I wasn’t black enough.”

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions? Things you must do or have in order to write?

“I went to my room and turned on Mozart’s Symphony number 25 in G minor in order to drown out the ghetto symphony of gunshots and sirens.”

What do you do to relax, or de-stress?

“First of all, I’ve played basketball my entire life. It’s the only think that keeps me from going completely insane.”

What are some of your favorite books? Both recent reads and long-time favorites.

“Why couldn’t I be dancing with the Russian Ballet instead?”

Thank you so much for joining us today Leslie! I love the quotes even if some of them make me more curious than before.:) Readers, if you would like to win a copy of this book for yourself — Just leave me and Leslie a comment letting us know what interests you about the book, the answers here, or why we should send you a copy. US/Canada only. Ends Monday, May 23 Include email with comment.


Author Interview — Leslie Dubois + Giveaway {TIME}