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Another Read-a-Thon!: D

I'm participating in another read-a-thon this weekend! This one is hosted by Back of the Book Reviews! This read-a-thon is quite a bit longer than any other I've participated in, going from Friday to Monday (96 hours!). I'm not sure what the official starting and ending time zones are (will update if/when I figure that out) so for now, I'm just acting as if it's by individual time zone.

I don't know for sure how dedicated I'll be each day, because I do have plans for this weekend, but I'm hoping to get a significant amount of reading done. My tentative goal is to shoot for 20 books. I managed to read 10 during my last (36 hour) read-a-thon, so really, this should be a piece of cake.:)

I don't really want to make a list of all the books I plan to read this weekend, because I never stick to it, but I will be back here to periodically update my status. I'll keep an update on this post of all the books I've read, and maybe how long I've spent reading. We'll see how it goes!:)


Another Read-a-Thon!: D {weekend}