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Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!!

Hey everyone! It's Ashley's blog! And today is my blog-i-birthday! Isn't that exciting! I mean, really. You only get to have your first birthday once in your lifetime, and I fully plan to have a blast today! I hope you guys want to play with me today too! I might eat cake! (I've never had cake, but I hear that you are supposed to eat it on birthdays, so I think I might try some. Recommendations?)

Anyway, if you are reading this, then you are my friend!! Right?! Right?! Friends make me happy. I keep telling this Ashley that we need to talk to people more, but she sometimes has to do this thing called work. I don't really like to talk about that though. It makes me sad, because that's when she leaves me. It's like little kids who scream when they see the babysitter at the story. Babysitter=Mommy leaves me, which translates to that lady=BAD!

So, my friends — Hi!! Welcome to my birthday! Birthdays are special days! Did you know that?! I just learned that, and I'm really excited!:)

Well, I'm going to go now! Ashley says that if I stop talking now, and settle down, she'll have some nice things to say about me later in the day!:) And, that she might give someone else a present! Because you have presents on birthdays! So, I guess I better behave so we can have presents and cake!!:)

♪ ♫ Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. ♪ ♫


Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!! {TIME}