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I've been wanting to participate in Ginger from GReads! TGIF for a while now, but never seem to just... do it. And, as I'm sure you've noticed, this blog has been rather... empty this year. I've had a lot on my plate and haven't been reading hardly anything, let alone blogging. But I do still try to go through my Feed Reader when I have time, and I saw this weeks question, and I was like, DONE! So...

This weeks question is: Authors Are Our Celebrities: Have you ever contacted an author you admired? How did that experience go? If not, which author would you love to have a chat with?

Now, there are a LOT of authors that I'm a ridiculous fan girl over. And I've interacted with quite a few of them on Twitter and I've done interviews and had them comment on my blog, and a few of them have even mentioned me specifically on their own blog posts (having Stephanie Kuehnert mention my name specifically in a post thanking all of her fans about made me die and go to fan girl heaven)

BUT. It is no secret that I am a DIE HARD FAN of Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. And, if you haven't heard me talk about it, or push it on people or gush about it over and over then you are either very new to my part of the blogosphere, or I have failed.

Last year, when I hosted Just Contemporary November, I sent an email to Melina Marchetta, asking if she would participate, because I was SUCH a huge fan. And I am. Jellicoe Road is far and away my favorite, but Saving Francesca and The Piper's Son are both also included in my top favorites list. And she said yes!! It was AMAZING. My sister was over and she heard my squeak/squeal/flail all the way downstairs on the opposite end of the house. (True story, really happened...)

Here is a link to the interview. And, you know what else happened? THIS. This happened. You can click to read the post where I describe the best day EVER. And, take a look at the LOVELY pictures below.:)

And open it to find... -->


TGIF (Also, Hi:) ) {TIME}