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Author Interview — Amber Argyle!

Today, I have Amber Argyle, author of the soon to be released Witch Song visiting us on the blog today! (Look for my review soon) Amber is awesome. Like, seriously. And, I've met her... In real life. (be jealous.) I actually met her in line during a signing in Utah and we started talking without knowing anything about each other (that's what you do when you've been standing in line for over 5 hours...) And guys, she's hilarious. And awesome, and... Dude — she thinks I'm clever!:) So, I'm sure you are tired of listening to me ramble on here, so let's here from Amber!

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

From about 5th grade on. I didn’t actually get the courage to try it for real until 25.

Where did the idea for the song come from?

I’m assuming you mean from using song as the medium for the Witch’s magic. I wanted to twist the idea of witches evil chanting to something beautiful and natural. I’ve always felt that songs are a more powerful means of communication than mere words. The pitch, rhythm, melody, etc can all be manipulated to touch human emotions. In essence, music is powerful. So I tweaked that power to affect plants in a similar but more potent way (making them grow and obey the witch’s will), the seasons (the Witches sing to change the seasons ie from winter to spring), and the wind (to control the weather).
(I always thought controlling the weather would be the best super power. How awesome is that?!)

What was your reaction when you first learned that Witch Song was going to be published?

I was overwhelmed, relieved, elated, excited, worried, basically every strong human emotion mixed together.

Do you feel like the cover fits the story well?

Absolutely. I had tons of say in the cover, including approval for each mock up.
(That is awesome! I absolutely love this cover! It's what initially attracted me to the book! I love that you had so much voice in how it turned out!)

Are there any plans for more in the Witch Song world?

I can neither confirm nor deny... just kidding. I haven’t decided either way. I definitely left it open for more, but I’ve got so many projects calling my name. We’ll see.

Awesome! I really enjoyed Witch Song, and while I do think it ends in a solid place, I definitely wouldn't mind revisiting that world! Thank you so much for answering questions for me today Amber!


Author Interview — Amber Argyle! {review}