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Kody Keplinger — Her Childhood Bookshelf

Today, I have Kody Keplinger, author of The Duff (my review) and the upcoming Shut Out (review soon) visiting to share some of her favorite books from childhood with us!

My Childhood Bookshelf

I was a big reader as a kid, and I had a lot of favorites that I just could not have survived without. Looking back, I still love most of the books I loved back then. So I wanted to share some of the best books from my “childhood library” with all of you, and whether you are young or just young at heart, you should check them out!

One of my favorite books as a kid, and one I could not have survived without, was Are You there, God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I read this book when I was about ten years old, and it was just so real. I reread it last year, even, and wow, it holds up! Judy Blume dominated most of my childhood reading list, actually. Deenie, Blubber, and Just As Long As We’re Together were other favorites, all of which are
still totally awesome, even without being a kid anymore.

Another book I loved (that I just reread last month, actually) was Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit. In middle school this book blew my mind. I loved the prose, the characters, the gentle, fantastical premise. I read it over and over and over again, and when I reread it last month, it was still captivating, steal beautiful. This is one children’s book I recommend to everyone, no matter what age you are.

And, of course, this would not be a complete post without Harry Potter. I was in a major reading slump when I was in the fourth grade. Then someone gave me a Harry Potter book, and I devoured it. My mom read the first three aloud to me, then I plowed through the fourth and waited impatiently for the fifth. I can honestly
say I wouldn’t be the reader I am today without Rowling and her wizarding world. My “childhood library” would have a whole shelf devoted only to Harry Potter books. They are, by far, the best of the best.

So that’s what was on my childhood bookshelf (and still on my bookshelf today, actually!) I have to say, I’m surprised by pleased that all of my favorites still hold up today. Now, I think I’ll go reread some of my Harry Potter books. If you’ll excuse me...


Kody Keplinger — Her Childhood Bookshelf {review}