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Read-a-Thon!: D

So, I'm a total sucker for a read-a-thon. I've been a little stressed lately at how much I need to read and now. I feel really behind on my books and with two events coming up (Psychtember at A Tapestry of Words in September and Just Contemporary in November here) it's getting even worse. So, when my friend Kristen mentioned Once Upon a Chapter's read-a-thon, going from Friday (today) until Sunday, I decided that I'd sign up last minute.:)

So, this is my starting post.

I could technically count the last 100 pages or so of Between Shades of Gray by Ruth Sepetys in my read-a-thon totals, since I finished it after midnight (and... Wow, btw. Amazing) but instead I'm just going to start with what I read starting in the morning. And, I might extend my own personal read-a-thon time into Monday, since I already have the day of work. It is also the day that my sister will be home from vacation, so I might spend time with her instead, so we shall see.

I do know that I won't spend the whole time reading either. I have stuff that needs to be done this weekend, and I need to finalize the pen-pal stuff so I can get that post up and that stuff started this weekend. But, I do plan to get a lot done. I'm going to set my goal between 6 and 9, with a hopeful possibility of 12.

The read-a-thon hosts did ask for a general idea of reading plans and goals, so — at the start, here they are:

What books are you starting with?
Rules of Attraction by Simone ElkelesBet Me by Jennifer Cruise
Also hope to read: Ashfall by Mike Mullin Willow by Julia Hoban Pearl by Jo Knowles The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly Raven by Allison van Diepen
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
I hope to read: 9 books (or more!)
Total Books Read:
Books Read Since Last Update:
(there are more questions on the host's updates than mine, like pages read, time read. I might add it later, but I doubt it. I don't really keep track of time or pages, and don't want to.: P)
I'll update this post periodically, and will probably have a finish line post, although I might just update this one. We shall see.: P
Wish me luck!:)


Read-a-Thon!: D {weekend}