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As many of you know, my Bachelor's degree is in Psychology. It's a topic that's always fascinated me and I love reading books where mental health or psychological disorders play a large role, and labeling something a psychological thriller always peaks my interest.

So when Danya at A Tapestry of Words contacted me about a September event devoted to Psychology, I was thrilled! And so, here begins Psychtember!

The event will run the full month of September and Danya has awesome stuff planned for the entire month. I won't be posting Psychtember stuff everyday, but I will have reviews and posts on both my blog and Danya's. I'll post here anytime a post of mine goes up on Danya's blog, and I'll include a graphic in each of my posts here.

This is an event that I'm incredibly excited for, and I hope you will share my excitement! So, be on the look out for awesome Psychtember posts from me, and stop by Danya's blog to see it all happening there!