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Heartwrenching Tale

Sarah Ladens is struggling to keep her family intact after the death of her husband. Her oldest son, Nate, has been getting in trouble at school and her youngest, Danny is barely getting by.
Sarah learns that her best friend is charged with a horrendous crime against her son, a classmate of Danny's, as well as several other young children in this small, close-knit town. Sarah must determine who to believe--the scathing evidence the police has found, or her best friend.

And caught in the middle is Jordan, Danny's classmate. Jordan has never known what it feels like to really be loved. Now, without parents, he's destined to become part of the foster care system. The Ladens step up and offer to foster him.

After a long and difficult struggle, the Ladens, once again a family of four all begins to heal.

The Kindness of Strangers is powerful and full of emotion. Katrina Kittle deals with a sensitive topic that is often buried. The emotion that each of the characters experience is genuine and believable. The reader feels that they are part of the story, a member of the community that is forced to deal with this horrendous crime. .

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Heartwrenching Tale + TIME