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Review: Oblivious by Cyndia Depre

Book Description:
Olivia Chatham has found her calling. Crime buster. Mysterious Tucker Monroe realizes he, too, has a mission. Keeping up with her. When a Chatham, Wisconsin, resident is murdered, Olivia feels it is up to her to solve the case. The authorities have their science and labs, but she has an advantage. Olivia has common sense and the grapevine, which can be far more powerful than police procedures. Using a form of logic understood only by Olivia, and with the help of her best friend, ex-model Josephine Bookman, and Tucker, an enigmatic drifter, she peels away the 'onion layers' of the nefarious deed. Along the way she performs her normal anonymous random acts of kindness for folks down on their luck, blissfully unaware everyone knows she's behind their windfalls. Olivia occasionally mangles a cliché, and utters a malapropism from time to time, but her heart is pure gold and her unconventional thought process is usually right on target. Although cynical and world-weary, Tucker is impressed by Olivia's genuine concern for others. It's possible she's too naive, and her trusting nature could lead to trouble. Tucker assigns himself the task of keeping her out of danger. Little does he know how busy he'll be with his self-imposed duty.

"She was born in April, but her parents named her January." Thus begins the hilarious saga of Olivia Chatham, a weathly, recently divorced woman who had returned home to Chatham, WI to live with her parents. Her parents, the day after she was born, rethought their intial name choice, January Eighth, one that was based on their love of Elvis (January eighth is Elvis' birthday). Instead they decided to name her Olivia, a name that popped into both of their heads simultaneously.

Olivia is quite the character. She's decided to help the local police solve the murder of Cheryl Mecklenberg, a local university professor and Chatham resident. I must mention something about Olivia. She's a bit...ditzy, but has the best of intentions. Picture a combination of Jessica Simpson and Janet Evanovich's bounty hunting babe, Stephanie Plum. She, along with her best friend Josie (who believes Olivia is the smartest person she knows) and Tucker Monore (a drifter that has recently made Chatham his home) form their own private investigating "force" and attempt to solve the murder.

Depre does an amazing job with the characters and the storyline. The story draws you in immediately. The characters are so genuine and believable. I laughed at loud several times while reading at Olivia's niavete and seemingly nonsensical investigating techniques. OBLIVIOUS is a must read!

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Review: Oblivious by Cyndia Depre + review