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Round-up for WG 2009-07

Suey came up with a fantastic topic this week:

Many of us have had an opportunity to interview an author, mostly through email, but perhaps even on the phone or in person. In fact, many of you have become experts at author interviews. So this week, let's pretend that we can get in contact with one of our favorite characters and interview them. What would you ask Mr. Darcy if you could send him an email. What would his answers be like? What would you say if you could just call up Liesel or Rudy from The Book Thief and ask them anything? How would they answer your questions? What if you could invite Jo March or Anne Shirley to lunch, what would the conversation be like?

This has been a slow geek week, but don't forget you can answer this at any time! Personally, I had a blast. So don't be up a character and invite them over for coffee. Or lunch. Or heck, have a dinner party and invite a whole book over.

Children's characters turned out to be popular interview subjects. In fact some of them (like Pigeon) practically forced themselves on the interviewer (in this case, pussreboots). Others, like the Gruffalo, were a bit shy. We're hoping Farm Lane Books can finagle a second, in-depth interview.

Meanwhile, over in the mystery section, Kerrie was lucky enough to interview the ever-so-gracious (but slightly green) Monsieur Poirot, while Margot spent some time knitting and chatting with Miss Marple. J.C. Montgomery tried to crack the enigmatic Raven. And gautami tripathy happened upon Mr. Paul Drake in India, of all places! Rumor has it he might be moving...

A couple of bloggers were adventurous and travelled to meet with their subjects. Between the Covers travelled very far indeed to interview Ned Henry, while Gavin journeyed to Shiraz to talk to Sheherazade.

To represent the classics, Jo talked with a reflective Tess and Rebecca pulled a James Lipton with Owen Meany.

And Erika Lynn went a different route and linked to Sue Grafton's interviews with her own character, Kinsey Millhone.

Then there was the group of intrepid bloggers who went above and beyond. Bookworm interviewed the vampire Lestat (or does he prefer the capitalized The Vampire Lestat?) and Ariel faced Death (who actually looks like a nice Goth girl). Even Cthulhu generously consented to an interview. The brave blogger at It's Dark in the Dark (Cthulhu must've felt right at home) faced the evil one and came out unscathed. We think.

Congratulations to all of this week's geeks for their impressive round-up of interviewees!

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Round-up for WG 2009-07 + WG round-up