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Weekly Geeks 2006-07: A Character Conversation

This week we are going to continue with the theme started last week and go even further exploring our favorite book characters.

Many of us have had an opportunity to interview an author, mostly through email, but perhaps even on the phone or in person. In fact, many of you have become experts at author interviews. So this week, let's pretend that we can get in contact with one of our favorite characters and interview them. What would you ask Mr. Darcy if you could send him an email. What would his answers be like? What would you say if you could just call up Liesel or Rudy from The Book Thief and ask them anything? How would they answer your questions? What if you could invite Jo March or Anne Shirley to lunch, what would the conversation be like?

So blog about that imagined conversation, or phone discussion, or email exchange. Of course, there may be lots of things we'll have to make up or imagine them saying. But many things we should be able to figure out their answers just from what we know of them in their respective books.

If you need help with what questions to ask them, look around the blogosphere at all the memes we see. Borrow some of those questions. Re-use some of the questions you've asked authors in interviews you've already done. You can really have fun with some questions. For example, ask Elinor from Inkheart what's her favorite book. Ask Heathcliff how he spends his leisure time. Ask Gilbert what he looks for in a girl. Ask Crusoe where he would like to go on his ideal vacation.

You get the idea, right? You can really have some fun with it and get a little silly, or you can be straightforward and serious. But either way, show us how well you know (or maybe don't know) your character and perhaps in the end, we'll all have a whole new perspective about some of our favorite characters! I think that even if we end up with several interviews of the same person, it will be fun to see how differently we each view and perceive them.

Now, have at it and get making those calls and sending those emails to your favorite characters!

Be sure to come back and sign Mr. Linky (that is if I can figure it out since I've never done a Mr. Linky before!) once you've completed your interview, and later let us know about some of the fun interviews you come across on other Weekly Geek blogs.

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