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Review: Afraid, by Jack Kilborn

Safe Haven is a small, quiet, and remote town in Wisconsin. That is, until a helicopter crashes nearby unleashes an unimaginable horror-a five-member Red Ops team set to torture and kill anyone and anything that crosses their paths. They've been genetically altered to withstand pain, and their actions are controlled by a chip implanted in their brains. Their mission-find Warren Streng. They've taken over all of Safe Haven. They've convinced all the the local residents to come to junior high by stating that the town won the lottery, promising a portion to each resident. Instead, the people of Safe Haven are tortured and killed. A few brave residents-a firefighter, a county sheriff, and a single mom stand together and rise up and attempt to defend their town. They soon realize that this helicopter crash was no accident, and that their lives will be forever tied together.
AFRAID is a horrific read. I'm quite a fan of horror myself, and there were times when the vivid descriptions made my stomach turn, forcing me to put the book down. I think what made this book even more horrifying is fact that something this horrid could potentially happen. I highly recommend this book to any fan of horror, but be afraid...very afraid!

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Review: Afraid, by Jack Kilborn + TIME