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Review: The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne

For the past ten years, Cat has been trying to forget her past. She's tried to hide from the pain by drowning herself in alchohol and moving from one meaningless job to another. When she receives a phone call from the sheriff of her home town, it all comes flooding back. Her mother has committed suicide, leaving a note sealed in a plastic bag, that reads "He isn't who you think he is."

Cat is forced to return home and face those things she's been attempting to forget: her abusive father, now in the hospital after suffering a stroke; and her first love, Addison. She must find out who the "he" is, and in doing so she has to relieve a very painful past.

The Last Bridge

alternates between the current time and Cat's memories of her youth. The reader relives the abuse Cat and her family suffered, right along with her. It is a truly engaging book; I was able to finish it in one evening.

The Last Bridge

is a very intense tale of love, pain, forgiveness and acceptance. It exudes suspense as well. The identity of the "he" mentioned in suicide note isn't revealed til the end. Little snipets of secrets are revealed throughout the book, drawing the reader in even more. I couldn't believe this is Coyne's first novel. She writes with a style and assurance that typically only comes with time and experience. Be forewarned, some of the recountings of Cat's abuse are quite vivid and detailed, but in this case I believe that level is necessary in ordered to accurately detail the abuse. A highly recommended book overall!

Thank you to Random House for providing me a copy of the book to review. Be sure to check out the official book web site!

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Review: The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne + TIME