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Roundup for Weekly Geeks 2009-26

WG 26 asked about world traveling via books - where do you go, how do you get there, where would you like to go... There was a lot of excitement about this assignment.

  • Wendy at caribou's mom was quick on the draw with her post; reading globally is one of her passions and, in fact, she has a long term goal to read a book representing every country in the world. You can see her progress and also read about some of her favorite books about faraway places.
  • Jason over at Moored at Sea wrote a lovely and heartfelt essay about why he chooses not to read globally
  • The host of It's Tuesday, Where Are You, raidergirl3, gets a lot of her global reading ideas from bloggers who participate in her weekly meme. (I highly recommend playing along with her meme!)
  • A comparison of actual travels and literary travels was what Jackie at Farm Lane Books came up with, and had some interesting results.
  • Mystery reader Kerrie had fun with maps and charts! At Mysteries in Paradise she shows us not only what countries she's read about, but includes a pie chart with the country "share;" she also posted a map to show where in the world her blog readers are!
  • The Abbot of Unreason (I had to visit a blog with a name like that!) wrote a wonderfully detailed post about the places he's visited, an example from each, and what countries are - so far - missing.

Many more Geeksters participated in this week's theme; you can link to their posts from the Mr. Linky page; some of them also left their links in comments on the original post.

It would be interesting to compile all the answers to see where we've been as a group! Anyone up to the task??

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Roundup for Weekly Geeks 2009-26 + WG round-up