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Emma: A Victorian Romance

Last night I was searching for more great Victorian novels and reference books when I ran across Emma: A Victorian Romance. It's a Japanese anime that aired from 2002-2006. I'm sorry I didn't find out about it sooner because it's so quirky. I've never seen an anime where the characters were essentially white people, well except maybe Pokeman. I am amazed by how versatile anime has become.

The series is actually based of a 10 volume manga series that I found on Amazon. From what I understand Emma is a lower class maid living in London who falls in love with an upper class male named William Jones. This of course is the making of many great Victorian novels. I'm also totally in love with the lady of the house who I think is William Jones' old teacher. She says great Victorian standbys like, "It's just good manners" but you can tell that she has a soft spot for her maid.

You can watch the first episode (in Japanese with English subtitles) on Youtube.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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Emma: A Victorian Romance + victorian literature