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Famous English Majors

Since it seems like everyone I know is having an emotional crisis right now I thought I would try and cheer you up. I know how hard it is to be an English major and feel directionless, I am a directionless English major myself. Here are a list of probably similarly directionless people that are now famous, even though they were English majors.

1. Joan Cusack
2. Chevy Chase
3. Kathryn Fuller (World Wildlife Fund CEO)
4. Conan O'Brien
5. Joe Paterno (Football Coach, Penn State)
6. Sally Ride (astronaut)
7. Diane Sawyer
8. Steven Spielberg
9. Renee Zellweger
10. Pete Wilson (former governor of California)

I tried to include a good mix of people to encourage you to think outside the box about you want to do with your life. Supposedly sophomore year is the worst year so for those of you stuck there with me, we can pull through!

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Famous English Majors + lists