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Roundup for Weekly Geeks 2009-38

This week's Weekly Geek suggestion was to make your blog more reader friendly. I love when people take the Weekly Geek topic and make it their own. It just goes to show how creative you all are.

*Care welcomed new people to her blog with a letter, including a tour of her blog.

*Gautami offered her own blogging tips with an important reminder to back up our blogs.

*Suey loved Care's idea and wrote a letter to readers. She also made a glossary with many book blogging terms.

*Pussreboots, an old pro at this blogging thing, made a Weekly Geeks checklist.

Thanks once again for participating in Weekly Geeks. If you'd like to offer suggestions for weekly themes, please Contact Us with your ideas.

Also, another project started by Dewey The 24 Hour Read-a-thon will be held on October 24th. Please sign up for this fun event. There are almost 200 participants already!

TIME, and more:

Roundup for Weekly Geeks 2009-38 + WG round-up