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Sunday Salon: I'm Twenty!
The Sunday

First of all I'd like to clear up some confusion. I think some people thought my birthday was last Sunday, but it is not. It is today! Yes my friends, today I turn twenty. Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday already! As promised I went to The Lion King on Friday for my birthday which was AMAZING. For my actual birthday I am going to my Grandma's birthday party. Yepp, we were born on the same day! And she's the person who taught me how to read, how cool is that?

Well if you can't tell I have been participating in Maw Books Blog's Bloggiesta this weekend. Today is the last day, so I'll save my wrap-up post for tomorrow morning. I have another wrap-up post coming up this week. Yesterday I finished my 19 Going on 20 Challenge so I will be posting a wrap-up this week for that. My final review for this challenge was Sorcery and Cecelia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot. I had so much fun with this self-challenge that I'm considering doing another self-challenge in the near future. I have never been interested in all of the vampire hype right now, but then I started to see Blue Bloods everywhere and it sounds more interesting to me than Twilight. I am thinking about doing a Vampire Self-Challenge in February and reading Blue Bloods and a few other vampire books. I will talk about this more in the future.

I also posted a review of The Swan Thieves (which comes out on Monday) this week. I got the Honest Scrap award this week from Sasha and the Silverfish. This is my first award so I was super excited! I also joined the Jane Austen Challenge this week.

So this week might end up as a wrap-up week which means I won't be posting any reviews. I'd like to have a few reviews to post under my belt before school starts and I get behind on everything again. I have some longer books coming up as well, so if I take this week off from reviews I will be in a good place.

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Sunday Salon: I'm Twenty! + weekend