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Sunday Salon: New bookshelf
The Sunday

Yesterday I came back to Iowa City (finally!) and I must admit I'm actually excited about starting classes again. I'm not really looking forward to the homework but I am looking forward to learning and having stuff to do. I came back to ten packages last night! All of which were books. Pretty sure the full time desk clerk was wondering what the heck I was doing ordering all of that stuff. I also attempted to put together the new bookshelf I bought over break for my birthday. Unsuccessful. Thankfully my boyfriend came to the rescue. This is what it looks like:

I also thought I would brag a little bit about my awesome new bookends! I also bought these for my birthday even though they were hella expensive. But trees and birds are my favorite things and they match the bookshelves my boyfriend and I made over the summer.

Pretty right?
So this week I didn't post any reviews (I know I was bad) because I wanted to save some up. I'm not going to get to read three books a week anymore because I'm going to be at school. I might be able to do two on a good week though. Instead I wrapped up my 19 Going on 20 Challenge and alerted everyone of my awards. Finally I shared my thoughts on textbooks with my other college blogging friends. This week I'm going to start actually following my fancy schedule that I have in the right hand column. Books that I'm going to review in the upcoming weeks are Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, The Virgin Queen's Daughter by Ella March Chase, and Rumors by Anna Godbersen. I really enjoyed all of these books and hope you all enjoy my review of them!

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Sunday Salon: New bookshelf + TIME