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Weekly Geeks 2010-3

Since Haiti has received a lot of press this past week, and is likely in everyone's thoughts, I thought we could take this opportunity to talk about Haiti in a positive light.

This week we're going to celebrate Haiti.

  • Have you read a book set in Haiti? Tell us about it.
  • Feel like creating a reading list of books on Haiti? Please share!
  • Do you know of a Haitian author? Introduce us!
  • Have you been to Haiti? Or even dreamed of visiting? Do tell.

Or, for those of you who want to be even more creative:
  • Write a poem for Haiti.
  • Write a happily-ever-after story for Haiti.
  • Write a love letter to Haiti.

You get the idea. Be creative and be positive! And don't forget to sign Mr Linky with the link to your post.

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Weekly Geeks 2010-3 + weekly geeks