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Writing Prompt Wednesdays (Feb. 10)

Michele at Southern City Mysteries has recently started a new meme called Writing Prompt Wednesdays. I enjoy writing and am I mostly shameless person, so I think I will join in on this meme. I think you all should too! Not enough people have joined in today and I'm fairly certain it's because people are embarrassed to let other people read their creative writing. Do not be embarrassed. We are all horrible writers. Even Shakespeare was no good! I mean Romeo and Juliet, what's that all about?

Write from this phrase: How the tides came crashing... It does not have to be mysterious. It can be an entire story or just a few paragraphs. What does this bring to mind? Where does this take you?

How the tides came crashing in on Isabella's mind. Or was her name Bella today? She always had such a hard time deciding who she was, especially when it was raining.

Julien watched her pacing in front of the window. He wished he could be inside her mind, swimming with the real Isabella, whoever that was. As much as he thought he knew how Isabella's mind worked though, he couldn't help shaking the thought that when it was raining like this she was drowning rather than swimming.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her as he closed his Emily Dickinson poems.


Bella. Definitely Bella today.

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Writing Prompt Wednesdays (Feb. 10) + writing prompt wednesdays