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Weekly Geeks 2010-10 Wrap-up (a little late): Tattoo You

My apologies for being late with this wrap-up for Weekly Geeks 2010-10: Literary Tattoos! I had it ready, but somehow forgot that yesterday was Friday and I should have posted it then!

Just to refresh your memory (in case it's as bad as mine), this WG theme asked:

  • Do you have a literary tattoo? Please share it with us and tell us why you chose it.
  • Do you have any ideas for future literary tattoos? Are there any quotes that you might one day want to have printed on you? (No plans on ever getting a tattoo? Just let us know what you would get if you were to ever get a tattoo!)
  • How do you think the author feels about having their work permanently inked on a fan's body?
This theme was TaraSG's suggestion, and she shared her response at 25-Hour Books. She has two literary-inspired tattoos already, as well as two punctuation marks, and she's always thinking about what tattoo she'll get next. She's inclined to think that unless tattooing was against an author's personal beliefs, he or she would most likely be flattered, if perhaps a little shocked, to see his or her words inked on someone's body.

Rikki of The Bookkeeper and Christina at Reading Through the Night both have non-literary tattoos and like the idea of book-inspired ones. KT of Literary Transgressions has thought about literary tattoos - she and her sister have talked about getting coordinated ones - but hasn't gone ahead with one yet.

The subject of tattoos has very little appeal for E.H. of E.H. on Books and More or Gautami at Everything Distils Into Reading. (I'm in their camp, to be honest.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in Weekly Geeks 2010-10! The new Weekly Geeks topic...posted before this wrap-up did, so you've probably seen it already.

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Weekly Geeks 2010-10 Wrap-up (a little late): Tattoo You + WG round-up