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WG 2010-19 Wrap-Up: Geeks Getting Graphic

Terri led the Weekly Geeks in exploring the genre format of graphic novels this week:

Do you read graphic novels or memoirs? Who are your favorite authors? Which books do you recommend?

If you haven't read any, why not?

Some people have the impression that graphic novels are glorified comic books, are unsophisticated or don't qualify as "serious" literature. What do you think? If you track your book numbers, do you count a graphic novel as a book read?
Some folks are fans of the graphic novel and some aren't - this topic definitely brought out the fans!

Erotic Horizon of E.H. on Books and More reads them often and is participating in the Graphic Novel Challenge.

First-time Geek Jenn from Once Upon a Time... (welcome, Jenn!) is also a fan of the format, and made some solid recommendations to read (and to avoid).

Gautami Tripathy at everything distils into reading has been reading graphic novels since they were mostly known as comic books.

KT of Literary Transgressions is a self-described "graphic-novel nut", recommending such genre classics as Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's Watchmen.

At Biblio File, Jennie reminds us that graphic novels are a "format" and not a "genre" - almost any story that can be told in words alone can be told in a combination of pictures and words.

Thanks to all of this week's participants for sharing your thoughts on graphic novels, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a new Weekly Geeks topic!

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WG 2010-19 Wrap-Up: Geeks Getting Graphic + WG round-up