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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up 2010 - 24: Shiny Book Syndrome

This week's Weekly Geeks' question centered around those new books we tend to be drawn to over the older ones on our shelves. It's called Shiny Book Syndrome. As Tara SG from 25 Hour Books describes it: "It is when a person only wants to read their newest book and leave piles of poor unread books on their shelves to collect dust." She offers a few ways to ward off Shiny Book Syndrome, namely in the form of reading challenges and keeping a spreadsheet of all the books you own. I know that when I first began blogging, getting to those older books on my shelves was exactly the reason I joined reading challenges. This week Tara SG wants to know what we do to alleviate Shiny Book Syndrome.

And this is what some of you had to say:

NancyO from 2010: The Year in Books decided to challenge herself by setting up mini-challenges to tackle those older books on her shelves as well as joining other reading challenges hosted by other bloggers. She gives away about half the books she reads, clearing space on the shelves for new books.

Maxine of Petrona adds her own spin to the topic and says she prioritizes her reading, both by books she's been requested to review and her own criteria. Those shiny new covers don't play a part in what she chooses to read (and enjoy) at any given time, but she does admire a nice cover now and then.

David of Follow the Thread knows all about Shiny Book Syndrome. He buys books faster than he can read them (does that sound familiar?). David does not fight it. He goes with the flow, knowing that most of the books in his TBR collection will have their day.

Rikki of The Bookkeeper doesn't feel Shiny Book Syndrome is a problem for her. She reads as her mood strikes her. Erotic Horizon from E.H. on Books and More has a similar stance. This year she pledged to read for enjoyment, whether that be older or newer books. She doesn't stay on top of the new releases and rarely accepts books for review.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Weekly Geeks this week, and remember to check back tomorrow for our new topic!

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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up 2010 - 24: Shiny Book Syndrome + WG round-up