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Sunday Salon: Editorials and Tandems
The Sunday

Last Spring my college newspaper, The Daily Iowan, did an article about this blog and me. On Friday I found out they included me in their editorial about University of Iowa sponsored student blogs, pointing to mine as an example of a blog written by a student who wasn't sponsored by the University. Their idea was that this would make me more honest because the University doesn't regulate what I say on here. This is probably true, because I complain about the English department sometimes (although I must admit I mostly just have good things to say about it). In any case, it was nice to be featured again, even though their caption about my blog was currently incorrect as I no longer do children's book Thursday. Although I should! Because I've recently purchased a slew of awesome children's books.

I didn't get much reading done this week because I was up to my ears in catch-up after the long weekend. I had a paper due on Wednesday and a paper due on Friday. While that was stressful, I think it was just the push I needed to get my butt back into school gear. I'm actually enjoying my classes now (even my business class!) and I'm getting into a schedule. This week was also busy because Thursday I went to the first training for the Women's Action and Resource Center. I'm going to volunteer there this year and I'm really excited about it. I'll be chronicling that experience at my other blog, Woops Feminism, for those who are interested.

In other news, the boyfriend and I bought a tandem bike this week. I know this has nothing to do with books but I just had to share it because it's so awesome!

It's a 70's Twinn Schwinn and it's s great to ride. It took some getting used to and it feels really weird to go from a tandem to a regular bike, but I'm so glad we got it because it's a fun way to spend time together. It takes a lot of trust in each other to ride it, especially for him because he is the stoker (which just means he rides on the back) so he has to put all of his trust in me to steer because he can't see. We rode it to a party on Friday night and apparently everyone loves tandem bikes because we got yelled at about every thirty seconds. It was pretty fun. Just want to give a shout out to The Broken Spoke for selling us this awesome bike and helping us out so much!

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Sunday Salon: Editorials and Tandems + weekend