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Weekly Geeks 2011 - 4 : – A care pack with loads of bookish love

I know the season of gift giving has just past – but, yes but, we all must have some unwanted stash of books lying around or at the least a mini mountain of hanging onto hoping to get to books that we have all meant to read but never found the time or the mood was never right or they are just plain impulse purchases that never got read.

Today I want you to pack a little care package of books for a friend. (you set your limit between 1 book and 10 books)

Something from YOUR EXISTNG STASH – nothing you are wishing for, hoping for, or in the post – it most already be underfoot in some way or the other.

Don't over think it – use my number one motto when it comes to weeding out books – If you have not looked at it in about 18 months or it's outside of the genre you read, or you know immediately that this is not the books for you – those are the books you need to make up your care pack from…

One word of warning….

There is no rush to complete this today – you have the whole week to put together this package. If you know straight off what you want to package, my hats off to you.

I am going to stroke some of mine and ummmm and ahhhmmmm over afew others for a few days…

Happy packing my Weekly Geekers, it will be fun to see some of the unwanted less loved books hanging around your bookshelves…

happy, TIME, and more:

Weekly Geeks 2011 - 4 : – A care pack with loads of bookish love + weekly geeks