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EMJF Comic: Grounded

For my comics class we've traded two mini-comics. These days are super fun because you show up to class with thirty copies of your own comic and you come home with a copy of everyone else's. Check out the stash I got today:

I thought it would be fun to pass along my comic. If you'd like you can follow the directions for folding and have your own copy of this comic. It's not my best-- keep in mind I had a thumb injury while I was drawing this.

1. Print off the image below, it should take up a full sheet of printer paper.

2. Cut a slit where the two center panels are. Do not cut through the whole sheet!

3. Fold it so it makes this neat shape:

4. When you're done folding the front and back should be these panels. Read and enjoy!

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EMJF Comic: Grounded + web comic