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Bookish Crafts: Long Stitch

I feel like I've spent more time making books than reading books as of late. I'm enjoying taking two art classes this semester but it is a lot of work. These four books probably took me about ten hours last week. The bottom two were my first tries which is why there is so much sewing. I didn't really think that through-- it took forever.

The bottom one is 60 pages, so 120 front and back.

Some of them have flaps which is nice. The one picture above probably turned out to be my favorite. I glued two sheets of paper together to strengthen the paper for sewing. Everything turned out nice and even. I'm looking forward to using this one as a journal once I finish the journal I'm currently using. I have so many books I've made I don't know what to do with them all! I'm making at least 11 more this semester and already have 18. Who knew I'd end up with so many journals?

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Bookish Crafts: Long Stitch + TIME