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Day Zero Project: Write a Letter to Myself in 10 Years

I recently decided to join the Day Zero Project. I created a list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish in 1001 days, which works out to roughly one thing every ten days. It doesn't sound to hard to make the list, but I actually found it incredibly difficult to find 101 things I really wanted to accomplish in a little less than three years. This isn't because I'm unmotivated, I just tend to do things I want to do. I wanted to backpacking and I made it happen. I wanted to date my boyfriend and I let him know I liked him. And so on and on. But everyone needs encouragement and I really enjoy challenging myself. I'll blog about this process from time to time.

The first task I completed is writing a letter to myself in ten years. I'll be 31 at this point and my life will be incredibly different. In my letter I talked about children, careers, and how I would remember this point in my life. I actually used the website FutureMe to write the letter. You can set the date on there and it will email you the letter when you tell it to. You're not able to read the letter before that date, but you can change the email address it's sent to in case you get a new email.

I also asked my future self if I was still blogging at English Major's Junk Food. Time will tell...

The process of imagining a different version of myself was a little empowering. It made me realize that while I do have some control over the way my life turns out I shouldn't be upset if it goes differently from the way I planned it. I'm considering writing a few more of these letters to myself, perhaps one for the day I graduate college.

My list is at Day Zero for interested parties. Encourage me by asking me how it's going every once in awhile.

If you were to write a letter to yourself in ten years what would you say?

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