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Leif Reads: My Mom was Right

My mom gave me a lot of lectures about Teflon pans growing up. It seems like every time she picks up a frying pan she reminds me to never buy a Teflon pan. As it turns out, my mom was right to warn me about them. She was smart and realized very quickly how dangerous it was to have a pan coated with a manufactured chemical.

Unfortunately Teflon is present in more than just pans. It's actually all over the place, in spots we wouldn't even think about. And Teflon isn't the only thing to worry about. Slow Death by Rubber Duck has made me confront the synthetic world I live in, and I have to say that it absolute terrifies me.

Aths has a great post on Reading on a Rainy Day today about Teflon and Mercury. She shares some great quotes and information from the book. I really encourage you all to read her post, and I encourage you to seek out Slow Death. It's an eye opener.

On a happier note, this man is an inspiration:

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Leif Reads: My Mom was Right + Video