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Day Zero Project: Carefree Closet

On Friday I did something I've tried to do over and over again for years. About a month ago I cleaned my closet out. I took out everything that I put on and don't wear because it makes me feel self conscious. I took out dresses that were too small, knowing that I'm not going to fit into them someday. I took out shirts with sleeves that were too short. I took out shirts that were too tight. I got rid of a pretty large stack of items. And then I folded them all up and stuck them in the corner of the bedroom where they sat until Friday.

I always come up with reasons to not donate clothes. I'm too busy today I'll do it this weekend. I'll give them to my mom and have her do it for me. It's not that big of a deal, I'll just leave them in my closet. So then I have clothes I don't like or do like but don't fit sitting in my closet for years and years and I never wear them.

On Friday I was on a roll with errands so I finally sucked it up, bagged up my stack of clothes and went to Goodwill. I was all freaked out about it since I'd never donated before. I figured there would be a bunch of questions I would have to answer or I would go to the wrong place and look stupid. For some reason I had it in my head that I would arrive and they would tell me they didn't want my donation. Well it turns out it's pretty pain free. I just dropped the clothes off in a bin, some guy came out to ask if I needed a receipt, and I left. That's it. That's all I had to do. And I checked another item off my list.

7% complete, 958 days to go!

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Day Zero Project: Carefree Closet + weekend