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Weekly Geeks 2011-14: An ABC Author List

So the other day I was looking back at past blog posts of mine and I came across an old meme that made the rounds through the book blogs years ago. I thought it looked fun enough to do again and figured it would make a good Weekly Geek idea for us this week.

You know how when someone asks you who your favorite author is? And you feel a bit crazy coming up with just one? Now is your chance to come up with 26 (at least) favorite authors by making a list of them ABC style. (See my above link from the past for an example.) There are no rules, list a couple per letter if you feel the need. Skip a letter if you draw a blank. Make it be categories if you want to. For instance, a favorite YA author list. A favorite classic author list. A favorite "new to me" author list. A favorite mystery author list.

Or simply an all time favorite author list... from A to Z!

Be sure to come back and add your link, and then visit the links of other participants. Have fun!

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Weekly Geeks 2011-14: An ABC Author List + weekly geeks