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Weekly Geeks Wrap-up: Showing Off Shelves

Last week’s Weekly Geeks, which may have gotten overshadowed by the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon (another event we have thanks to the amazing Dewey), was a guest post asking fellow geeks to share their bookshelves in honor of National Carpenter’s Day.

I thought this was a great topic because I, and as it turns out many of the other geeks, love to look at bookshelves when I go to a new house for the first time. I feel like a voyeur, but it’s so great to see what people are reading.

Anyway, Corey of Literary Transgressions – our awesome guest author – posted about her “ex pat” bookshelves that grew from the six books she brought from the United States to have plenty more titles. I can’t read any, but I do love the little elephant figurine!

Kate (also of Literary Transgressions) posted about her built-in bookshelves, and how she may have chosen her current apartment because of them. I know all about that!

We saw a couple pre- and post-move photos of Marineko’s bookshelves (The Gentle Madhouse). I love the way they went from being double stacked with books to long line of Billy bookshelves from IKEA.

Hannah at Among Stories also loves IKEA shelving, and shows off three very full bookshelves. She says she’s in the process of reorganizing them – aren’t we all!

And that was it for Weekly Geeks; stay tuned for a new topic tomorrow!

- Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness), guest wrap-up writer

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Weekly Geeks Wrap-up: Showing Off Shelves + WG round-up