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Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Stefania Balasoiu's Photo & Profile/Biography
©Name: Stefania Balasoiu
Age: 19 | Height: 5’9″ | Laval, QC
Stefania was born in Antwerpen , Belgium and is of Romanian background. She moved to Canada at two years old with her young parents that ran from the communist system and wanted to give their child a better future. She was raised in Montreal and was a very active child.
She played Volley-ball and basket-ball in her school teams and she also practiced swimming and athlestism at competition levels. Then, at 16 years old, she was crowned Miss Diaspora Canada 2008 and went in Romania for the international finally as the reprensentative of our country.
She currently speaks,writes and reads five languages and has the capacity to understand and speak seven.She will be starting university in september this year at Concordia’s School of Business in their Administration program.
She also is a model and plans on taking a year off from university to pursue her dreams and accomplish her carreer in the fashion industry.
During that year, she wishes to model internationaly and travel all around the world.Stefania has participated to many volunteer activities such as fundraising fashion shows, political campaigns, etc. She is very involved in the Montreal and Romanian communities and Stefania is a very generous person when it comes to giving her time to others.
Finally,Stefania lives her life at it’s fullest potential and wishes to make this opportunity one that will bring out in her all the best she has to give to the world. She is not afraid of losing because she believes that from every experience, you learn something new and you come out to be a winner in your own unique way. She always says : “Life is all about taking chances and doing everything you do at your best!”.
Sponsored by: Family and Friends
Languages spoken Fluently (please include your native language if English is not your native language)
French, Romanian, Spanish, English, Italian.
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VIA Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Stefania Balasoiu's Photo & Profile/Biography

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Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Stefania Balasoiu's Photo & Profile/Biography + Winner