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Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Sheri Cuillerier's Photo & Profile/Biography
©Name: Sheri Cuillerier
Age: 20 | Height: 5’5″ | Cornwall, ON
Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Sheri Cuillerier would describe herself as an optimistic and very outgoing woman who works hard in everything she does. She promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle by staying active.
She is a proud sponsor of a young girl living in El Salvador, and is looking forward to one day having the opportunity to go visit with her and her family. She has been a Jazz dancer for twelve years and has been an instructor for two of them.
She believes that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you must be able to love yourself. Her philosophy on life is to “Never live life with regrets.” In life there are curveballs, and the way they are perceived will stay with someone forever.
Whether a goal is accomplished or failed, knowing that a hundred and ten percent was giving, and the feeling of self-achievement is greater than any feeling possible; you will love yourself and everything around you.
Sheri has graduated from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall, Ontario, with a Social Service Worker Diploma. She has worked in group homes for developmentally disabled, seniors, and psychiatric clients.All of these opportunities have built her to become the kind and loving person she is today.
She is currently working full time as a waitress at a local restaurant to save money to further her education and attend University. When she is not working she loves to spend her time with family and friends doing simple things like supper or movie nights. She also really enjoys, reading a great book, talking walks, fashion, beauty, writing, learning new things, and always embracing a new day.
Sheri feels fortunate to be given the opportunity to represent her community within Canada, and then the potential to represent Canada to the world. Being a part of ‘Miss Universe Canada’ to her is more than anything that has ever been offered to her. She hopes to be able to show all the young women just like herself that anything is possible, and self-confidence will get them there. She has met many people in her life that have made an impact on her. All she hopes to do is inspire future generations to strive for the most gratifying outcomes in life.
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Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Sheri Cuillerier's Photo & Profile/Biography + TIME