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Teen four-piece New Bounce melt audience's hearts but divide the judges on Britain's Got Talent
©Big dreams: New Bounce almost have their dreams dashed when their first song goes awry
They swaggered on to the stage with all the confidence of seasoned performers.
But cute four-piece troupe New Bounce came dangerously close to having their dreams dashed during their auditions on tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent.
The Manchester friends, Mitchell, 16, James, 12, Kuan, 13 and MJ, 12, were introduced to the tune of The Jackson Five's ABC and described themselves as 'brothers from other mothers'.
©Second chance: The cute youngsters were stopped, but had more success with their rendition of All My Life
But their ambition to 'be big stars, recording, on tours, number ones' was put in jeopardy when halfway through their audition number, Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, was halted by Amanda Holden.
The judges were shown wincing as the boys' harmonies came across out of tune.
Amanda held up her hand to stop them and asked if they had another song.
New Bounce's second attempt, All My Life by K-C and JoJo, was received with cheers and wild applause by the audience.
©Try again: The judges said they were 'frustrated' by the out-of-tune performance but put the boys through
Close bond: The four friends describe themselves as 'brothers from other mothers'
But even though the audience was won over, David Hasselhoff remained unconvinced.
'You, the lead singer, you were singing flat the whole time and the harmonies worked okay…when you came back with the last song, you guys were great.'
Amanda retorted: 'I didn’t think that you were that flat, you worked really, really well together and you can sing.'
Michael McIntyre said: 'I agree with David…I did think when you were singing that first song it was flat, I felt it really was…in the second song it was better.'
©Raunch factor: Sexy dance troupe Girls Roc had David Hasselhoff hot under the collar
©Too sexy for the Queen? Michael was concerned about their raunchy routine but Amanda and David loved it
The sweet-faced boys were left nervous after Michael told them no, while Amanda put them through.
It was left to David, who decided: 'You gotta work on your stuff, you were flat today…but I’m glad you sang that second son. Yes.'
Other acts who were left on the edge of their seat with indecisive judges were raunchy dance act Girls Roc.
The sexy girls gyrated with snakes and swallowed fire as part of their routine, which they performed in skimpy leotards.
©Big moment: The violinist gets her chance to impress the judges on tonight's show
©Talent: French dancer Michael stuns the dancers (and his translator, right) with his moves
Moves: David Hasselhoff said Michael was 'the best dancer we've seen on this show'
©Moving: Dancer James, who revealed he was home-schooled after suffering autism, had Amanda close to tears with his emotional routine
Another raunchy auditionee is classically-trained musician Alexandra Parker, 22, who wows the judges in her skintight leather as she plays the violin.
The ex-busker from Doncaster struts out onto the stage in round four of the auditions round - and before she's said her name, comedian Michael, 35, jokes: 'You’re through.'
Former Baywatch smoothie David Hasselhoff, 58, - himself a fan of leather trousers - almost seems to lose his cool, and all he can think to say is 'You have a lovely string section.'
Amanda meanwhile attempts to keep the boys in check with some withering looks, and says: 'You are a very good violinist, I'm just trying to keep it real here.'
©All over the world: An extremely flexible contestant shows off her skills and received three yes votes from the judges after David said she 'had gone around the world in 80 moves'
©Tasty: fine art student Nathan thrilled Michael with his Marmite portrait
Glamorous Alex said afterwards: 'Michael just concentrated on the fact I didn’t have many clothes on and The Hoff just sat there with his mouth open. But Amanda said she needed to know if I could play!'
Unsurprisingly, she gets a standing ovation from David, as well as show hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.
Also on the show are an 11-year-old Billy Elliot in the making, autistic ballet dancer James.
©Clever canine: Angela and her dog teddy show off their skills on the BGT stage
©Full of surprises: Robert Fulford's soprano voice stunned the judges, while Rachel takes a strange approach to musical talent with her loo-roll trumpet
There's also a burlesque dancer, Teddy the dancing dog, a body popper called Michael, 21, and student Nathan, 21, who makes a picture of Michael out of pieces of toast and Marmite.
Other acts include the rather improbable Sailor Pig .
Show four sees Britain’s Got Talent roll into Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham with judges Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff.
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VIA Teen four-piece New Bounce melt audience's hearts but divide the judges on Britain's Got Talent

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Teen four-piece New Bounce melt audience's hearts but divide the judges on Britain's Got Talent + TV Show