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FTF Guest Vlog with Marissa Meyer and Giveaway!

Last Fairy Tale Fortnight, Misty and I hosted an *almost* published author, Marissa Meyer. Her fairy tale retelling was "in the works" and it sounded pretty sweet. And hey — the more fairy tale love, the better, right?! Well, this year, I am delighted to have Marissa back on the blog for this year's fairy tale fortnight! And guess what folks — Now she's published!!!
Marissa wrote Cinder, a futuristic retelling of Cinderella and one of my favorite reads last year. Seriously folks, if you haven't had a chance to read Cinder, do to that now. Well... Almost now. First watch this really awesome vlog from Marissa, where she totally brags about her Cinderella collection and then go get your hands on a copy of her awesome book!:) And, to make that easy on you, Marissa is giving away a UK copy! (See details below)

So fun!:) In order to win a signed UK edition of Cinder, you need to comment on this post telling me what you think was the coolest part of or piece in Marissa's video! Please do not leave any contact information in the comments, but instead, make sure that you have filled out the giveaway form!

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FTF Guest Vlog with Marissa Meyer and Giveaway! + Vlog