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FTF Post — Fairy Tales and Scenic Design

As I've mentioned on the blog a time or two before, I come from a theater family. I'm pretty sure if you cut certain family members open they would bleed drama. My dad has been involved in every facet of theater but his real passion is technical design. His current job allows him to design sets, costumes and lighting designs. He's also a phenomenal artist and painter. I'm talking about him today because a few years ago, he was involved in the set design for Into the Woods, which is one of my favorite fairy tale mash-ups. It's what happened to all these beloved characters after the "Happily Ever After" that apparently, wasn't so perfect as it seemed.

He recently started a blog talking about his theater designs. He posted about his set design for Into the Woods , which I'll link here, because there is no way I can adequately summarize that, but I wanted to post a few pictures from it because it's a fairy tale, it was a fabulous set, and I totally helped paint it:)

If you are interested in reading more about how he designed this (and other) sets, you can definitely check out his new blog — The Theatrical Designs of Gary Benson and you can also check out his webshots portfolio.

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FTF Post — Fairy Tales and Scenic Design + TIME